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Bone Repair

Low-level laser therapy induces differential expression of osteogenic genes during bone repair in rats.
Low-level laser therapy enhances the stability of orthodontic mini-implants via bone formation related to BMP-2 expression in a rat model.
Infrared laser photobiomodulation (lambda 830 nm) on bone tissue around dental implants: a Raman spectroscopy and scanning electronic microscopy study in rabbits.
Effects of Continuous and Pulsed Infrared Laser Application on Bone Repair Using Different Energy Doses. Study in Rats
Effect of lower-level laser therapy on rabbit tibial fracture.
Effect of low-level laser therapy (GaAlAs) on bone regeneration in midpalatal anterior suture after surgically assisted rapid maxillary expansion.
Biomodulatory effects of LLLT on bone regeneration
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