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The Microlight ML830 cold laser has helped thousand of patients across the world. Here are a few of our favorite stories from patients describing how the ML830 has helped them.

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Amanda’s Healing Laser Story

Dear Microlight – I don’t want to get you too excited, but Amanda’s headache is almost completely gone this evening! She only has slight pain on her right temple. We are super excited to say the least! She hasn’t felt this good since pre-surgery almost two years ago and she is ready to become a Microlight motivational speaker 😉 And these results are only after three treatments!

Amanda’s been studying the trigger point diagrams and will keep at it, but thought I’d share this encouraging and exciting news right away. We know the results may be temporary, but I can tell in her heart she feels like this is the answer to her prayers.

She will not shut-up and is ready to go for a jog, you know she use to be a cross country/track runner J Words cannot express how I’m feeling. It just seems too easy. I’ll keep y’all posted. Thank you!

Composer-Pianist with Career Ending Tendinitis

Becker KB here. I’m a Composer-pianist in modern classical, rock, and beyond. I’m a patient of Dr. Clifford Hallum in California. The ML lasers have been a key element in healing Tendinitis in my elbows. Not an exaggeration to say they are facilitating the salvation of my career!

All the best upon your continued success and thank you again.

Sincerely, Becker KB

Physical Therapists are taking a shine to lasers, with or without reimbursement

After four years of treating all kinds of patients with the latest generation of Class IV deep-tissue lasers, Charles Donley, PT, is a convert. “We’ve seen nothing less than phenomenal results,” he told ADVANCE for Physical Therapy Magazine.

Exhibit #1: A diabetic man who badly burnt his hand trying to reattach a loose hydraulic line in his tractor. “He didn’t respond to antibiotics,” recalled Donley, director of Regional Rehab, located in Spring Hill on the west coast of Florida.

“His attending physician was about to recommend amputation but sent him to us for laser therapy first. Two months and a week later, [he had] total healing of the hand. I have video and pictures of it from day one.”

Gene From Vermont

My Name is Gene I am a Farmer in Vermont. My Doctor treated my pain in the legs.

After 5 sessions the Pain is gone. So I bought a Smart Laser for my own use. The Doctor showed me how to use it. I love it.


I was first treated with the ML-830 cold laser in 2004

at the offices of well-known pain management physician, Dr. Bernard Filner of Maryland, who is a pioneer in the use of cold laser for chronic muscle pain.

He used the ML-830 to treat me for chronic back, neck and arm pain due to whiplash injuries I suffered in the early 1990’s.

I got such tremendous relief, that I badly wanted to buy my own cold laser, but back then they sold for $10,000. Fortunately now there is a home version that is less than half. They even have a 90 day refund policy.

Chronic Head Ache Relief With Cold Lasers.

Microlight – I am currently treating a 67 year old patient who has been suffering from chronic headaches for years. She was diagnosed at 7 years old. She came to see me inquiring about the Microlight 830. I confirmed the high efficacy we’ve seen in my clinic and she decided to proceed with treatments.

She came back for a follow up recently and is reporting a 90% + relief of her symptoms and related problems. The treatment has also significantly reduced the amount of medication needed. She stated the ML830 has been “nothing short of a miracle”.

The example of this “miracle” and the wonderful results we’ve received continues to confirm my belief in the power of your product. Thanks, Bob Claire.

“Patches” and using Microlight to reduce tumors.

Patches, a nineteen year old cat suffering from a recurring tumor on one of her lymph nodes. The primary tumor was an AC located on the left side of his larynx.

An outside physician, Dr. Villalobos, offered us a protocol for Patches due to its simplicity and a keen interest in the success noted for human patients in a clinical trial. Clinical researchers are using a similar protocol for metastatic human malignant melanoma patients at North Western University in Chicago.

Metastatic lung tumors in some of these patients showed regression. Dr. Villalobos felt this was remarkable considering there was no actual chemotherapy given to these patients.

Patches was then given Imiquimod twice daily in the form of a thin layer applied directly over the adenocarcinomic lump. In conjunction laser therapy was applied once every two weeks.

Over the first several days, a scablike crust formed over the area. Imiquimod continued to be applied without further incident. Approximately three weeks after the formation of the scab, it fell off. The mass shrunk to where it was no longer detectable through tactile examination. No adverse effects have been noticed, and we are continuing to apply the Imiquimod as directed.

Cold Laser Reduces Pet Tumor, Follow Up to “Patches”.

Dear Microlight, I felt very happy to share the exciting story of Patches treatment with the MicroLight Laser. I have one other story to share.

We have another patient, a blind dog with bone cancer of one of his ribs. We used a bit more aggressive form of the type of treatment given to patches. We injected the Imiquimod into the lesion and gave the laser therapy all at the same time during several treatments. This dog is also doing very well. I’ll give old Patches a big hug for you! Luv-in-pets, Dr. Alice


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