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Microlight is the original name in cold laser technology. The ML830® was first introduced to the FDA in 1990, however it wasn’t until February 2002 when clearance to market the device was granted. This was the first FDA clearance ever for a Class IIIb laser. The FDA’s ML830® clearance is for the treatment of Carpal Tunnel Syndrome, or “CTS,” through conjunctive therapy. CTS is a repetitive-stress injury that damages tissue and nerves in the hand and arm resulting from motions that are repeated many times a day. Operating a computer keyboard or repetitive functions of workers on an automobile assembly line are examples of activities that can cause injury. CTS is the most common repetitive-stress injury and a leading U.S. workplace injury.



As further background, General Motors had serious problems with CTS among its workers. GM responded by conducting a 36-week double-blind study, using the ML830® to see if non-invasive conjunctive therapy would help. Among the 166 afflicted GM workers who entered the program, those treated with the ML830® laser showed significant improvement in grip strength and range of motion when compared to other GM workers who were treated with placebo lasers. A prominent medical school in Houston conducted a similar double-blind study on CTS in 1998 that showed a 70% improvement after conjunctive therapy using the ML830 among those patients in the active group.

Dr. Filner as early as 1987 was among the first clinicians dedicated to pain relief. He is certified by the American Academy of Anesthesiology and by the American Academy of Pain Management. Dr. Filner is also a key member of MicroLight’s Medical Advisory Board. 


“In my practice, over the past five years, my primary method of inactivating trigger points has become the infra-red low level laser and conjunctive therapy. It is effective, essentially risk free, and less expensive for the patient. Conjunctive therapy with the ML830® causes muscle cells to heal faster thus shortening the overall time until symptoms are relieved.”

– Dr. Bernard Filner M.D.




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